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A Message For You From The Founder

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Kimberly Lowe, Founder

Grace is a remarkable thing.  It is not in our human nature to be graceful, to be gracious, or to have grace for others.  Grace is a gift.  When you see someone that possesses grace, it is automatically discernable that there is something different about them.  One may not know that grace is what they are seeing, but there is a notable difference in the way one carries themselves who walks out this great gift.  I believe that grace is the ultimate presentation of love and kindness combined.  When love and kindness abound, grace is what is born out of that amalgamation.  As it is carried out, grace splits into two actions; the becoming more grace-filled, which then springs grace for others, graciousness, a behavior of grace. The other being that grace emerges as a becoming characteristic of the one possessing this great gift.  Grace is a defining, indicative essence of this person.  It is part of their disposition, worn as a cloak of kindness, love, and humility. 


Grace Becomes You works to bring Grace to you.  We strive to be a place where Grace becomes us.  We will never get it perfectly.  We will never walk through life using grace at the all right times, in the all right ways, or even ever at all.  But, we will always aim to be grace-filled.  I am just like everyone else in this world.  I am scarred.  I have experienced traumas (plural).  I am broken.  I want to share what I have been through so you know that there is someone out there just like you.  I want to share what I have learned so that you can come through the other side whole.  I want you to know what Grace looks like.  I want you to experience Grace.  I want people to see the Grace in you. 


This is a place where we all can be real.  We can talk about real life.  We can laugh and cry and laugh-cry.  We can come here with our struggles and leave with support.  It is my hope that you will walk away experiencing and knowing what real Grace is. 


This is Grace Becomes You.

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