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Worrier Or Warrior?

A friend of mine posted a request for prayer. Intending to ask for “prayer warriors”, autocorrect instead typed “prayer worriers”. Stupid smartphones. But it struck me that I’d rather be a warrior than a worrier.

A warrior is bold and brave, one who chooses to fight the battle despite their fear. They defend, protect, and bring peace. We all fight for many things; our family, health, and sometimes our very own life. This can be anytime, anywhere, or for anyone. Fighting doesn’t have to be with knives or bullets and a warrior is not always rough or rowdy. There is a strength that shows up with control. Sometimes it takes more willpower to control emotions than to lash out with fists or weapons. The weapon in this case is in the quiet, reserved demonstration of control that conquers our worries. A sacrifice is required either way. It makes me think of “Spock” on “Star Trek”. He is the Vulcan warrior who displays such control over his emotions. I also think of the navy seal or soldier who is captured and tortured. They would rather suffer than give up information that would harm their fellow warriors. Even to death, they have lived a victorious life.

Jesus suffered in silence. He knew each of us intimately and was willing to shed his blood and die a disgraceful death so we could experience grace and life eternal. He handed over his warrior-being to us.

Here are 3 tips to igniting the Warrior in you and stopping the Worrier in its tracks:

C: Choose

Choose to be a warrior who lives in victory rather than a worrier who lives in “what may”. By setting your mind in this way, you intentionally choose the path you will take. Making the intentional choice to be a Warrior impacts the landscape of your brain. You will begin to choose more naturally to be a Warrior.

P: Prepare and Pray

Prepare and pray to be ready physically, emotionally, and spiritually at a moment’s notice for whatever comes your way. Pray for opportunities to reach out to others.

A: Action

Take action! Venture forth, take that first step to pray, help someone whether they are a stranger or friend. When someone insults you, speak kind words back. For there is power in words. God spoke and there was light. Let your words be full of light and life, not negative or dark. A Warrior is always supportive and uplifting.

Many may seem an unlikely candidate to become a warrior, including me. There are so many unlikely heroes who help people in their struggles to achieve victory: the nurse, social worker, teacher, pastor, grandparent, parent, and yes, even the barista that serves you your coffee at your favorite café. The list goes on and on and I honor them all.

The greatest warrior is Jesus Christ who gave his life for all of those He loved.


"Worry may come, but don’t let it consume you over issues that may never happen."


Worry may come, but don’t let it consume you over issues that may never happen. In Ephesians, it says to keep the shield of faith up since you’re more vulnerable to attack and worry if your defenses are down. Worry leads to anxiety which perpetuates anxiety. Don’t let worry be your focus. Turn the news off and turn the Word of God on. Saturate your mind, body, and spirit in the powerful, peaceful Words from your Creator. Focus on the reality of the situation and what you can actually do in the here and now. Stopping the worry means focusing on others and not yourself or things you have no control over. Becoming a servant of others is the first active step to slaying worry.

Worrying leads to stress, tears, and turmoil. Being a warrior leads to triumph. Therefore, I choose to be a warrior and know God is with me, fighting my battles for me as He has the ultimate victory. I know I will never be alone in the battle.

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