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We Have Officially Launched!

This project has been in the making for the past 3 years. Actually, probably more. There's been a lot of dragging my feet, getting distracted by other projects, my body failing me, and me just saying, "No" to God. Yet, a wonderful thing happens when all of this, especially saying, "No" happens. We are extended Grace. He patiently and lovingly waits for us to turn our hearts toward him and step into His presence. When we move into His will, we find a contentment, a warm hug, and a knowing that everything is as it should be, as long as we stay there.

Grace Becomes You is a place for you to know you are not alone, your mistakes don't define you, grace for others and yourself not only is becoming, but you becoming more like Grace. Everyone, now more than ever, needs to know there are people out there that have been through what they are going through. You need to know that. Grace is here for you, waiting to be put on like your favorite warm, snuggly sweater. As we learn to put on Grace, receive it for ourselves, then you will be able to extend it to others.

This is a place for you to receive, for you to share, and for you to connect. I encourage you to become a member of our community first and foremost. You will be able to then comment on blog posts, podcasts, and other stories, follow authors and other members, link us up with other blogs and podcasts that are positive and uplifting, and even guest author blog posts. Connection is key. Community is the lock. When the two come together, something is unlocked that no one person could ever create by themselves.

Once you become a Member here at the top of the page and then be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You might see us listed sometimes as Motto 31. Grace Becomes You, and all of the other Grace Becomes divisions are a part of the Motto 31 community. You can check out more about Motto 31 at All of the Grace Becomes You social media links are below. Click on any of the icons to be taken directly to that social media platform:

Feel free to connect with us through email, messaging, or telephone. All of the information is here on our site. Here we go! Share! Share! Share!

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