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Turn It Around

My husband, Sam, was in respiratory failure with Covid Pneumonia. Having been an ICU nurse many years, I have personally witnessed cases of respiratory failure that resulted in death. Part of me was numb to Sam’s diagnosis and part of me was determined that we would not have a negative outcome. At least he was not on a ventilator which, according to his doctor, has a poor prognosis with this disease. At one point, his oxygen level was dangerously low, and he had labored breathing. They placed a Bipap mask on him which seals around his mouth and nose which provides oxygen to his lungs. He was moved from standard care to progressive care where they could monitor him more closely. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, I could not see him in his desperate time which increased my desperation, anxiety, and concern.


I cried and prayed, “Father in Heaven, spare his life, restore his health.” I read Psalm 103:3 which says, “The Lord is the one who healeth all thy diseases.” (KJV) What a promise to cling to! I was also greatly encouraged by a conversation with a friend who had personally gone through this and recovered.

Turned Around

A couple days before Christmas, Sam called me early in the morning. Usually, I called him. He couldn’t talk, but he was bright eyed and signaling thumbs up! I felt hope arise in my spirit! God had turned it around! During this time, I found a Jon Reddick song titled, “God Turn it Around.” I believed this was for us! I felt hope, optimism, and awe as I listened to this song over and over. That same day, my pastor’s wife, Amber, texted me that she kept hearing God whisper the words, “Turn a corner.” Her kids were also praying for Mr. Sam, who they love dearly. Our daughter, Kimberly, who lives in Korea, had people praying on the other side of the world. Our friend, Pastor Logan, texted that he had been praying passionately for Sam during that same time. He praised God when he heard about the turnaround! I felt “Turn a corner” was a word from the Holy Spirit and every day I heard more to help us get through the storm.


Choose a great one-liner from your blog to quote here. Heading 3 format.


Tune In

I want to share seven “L” words that will help you receive a word from God and understand how that happens.

1. Long for it: Seek God, read His word, pray, and spend time with Him.

2. Look for it: Keep your eyes open for something to just pop out at you. It could come anytime, anyplace. Look for it with excitement that the God of the Universe would care for you enough to tell you something. As you look, sometimes you will see it when and where you least expect it. The word may really stand out and also be

everywhere you look.

3. Listen: Listen louder, for the Holy Spirit does speak. He is a personal God who will speak to everyone who seeks Him with open ears.

4. Love Him: God inhabits the praises of His people. Praise and love Him for He loves you with an everlasting love.

5. Language: Use your speech. Talk to Him and read His Word out loud and you will sense His presence.

6. Louder: Seek God with more intentionality and enthusiasm. Turn up your spiritual hearing aid. Expect Him to show up in your life and thoughts. Listen louder, look louder, and love louder!

7. Link: Look for a link, or connection to God’s voice, in the world around you. His word might come to you through a book, movie, television, or person, and especially through His Word, the Bible. For “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” John 1:1 (KJV)

Let me help you understand a bit better. December 26th, the Lord gave me the word “celebrate”. I didn’t understand so I asked God, ”Am I supposed to celebrate my husband’s suffering?” What I heard was, “Sam’s dad is dying. He has Covid pneumonia and is 97 years old. Celebrate his life and his entrance to Heaven. He is not slipping into Heaven; he will be arriving with rejoicing and cymbals clanging. And about Sam, rejoice in his healing and recovery.” A cause to celebrate in both instances! A celebration of life and the Life-Giver.


You don’t have to be in a life-or-death struggle to hear from God. It’s wonderful that He is God of the details, no matter how big or small. He is present and He gives peace and provision. He can turn around any situation; depression, anxiety, health issues, loss of job or loved one, addiction. Even if you’re questioning the purpose in your life, these can all be turned around. If you don't know him and are walking in darkness, He will turn that darkness to light. Whether you realize it or not, every situation can produce life or death of one kind or another. Jesus is the light of the World. In John 8:12, Jesus says, “I am the light to the world and those who embrace me will experience life-giving light, and they will never walk in darkness.” (The Passion Translation) I encourage you to embark on this journey and experience Him now and forever as He turns it around for you. God has turned around Sam’s health crisis. He is home making progress and I have an assurance that even if recovery is slow, recover we will! Blessed be His Holy name!


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