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Gifts of Christmas: Gift No. 14 ~ Peace

My gift to you is: Peace

From Luke 1:13 - But the angel said to him, “Do not be afraid Zacharias for your petition has been heard . . .”.

The angels sang to the Shepherds, “Peace on earth.” My gift to you is peace. My son David described my work in him this way, “He leads me beside still waters.” My work in you, my gift to you, is to bring you to a place of peace. It is my work in the world. It is my work in you. Peace in you begins with peace with me. You and I have to have things right between us. Is there anything you are holding back from me? Do not be afraid to reveal it to me, for in the revealing is the letting go. Time and time again in the Word when I appear to people, what do I always say? I say, “Do not fear.” You see, I never come to destroy. I always come to build up, to repair, to restore. My yoke is easy. My burden is light. Come to me for I am meek and lowly. I never come to hurt you, only and always to heal. My work is to work in you to bring you to a place of peace. Sometimes this work is uncomfortable, but it is to bring you to that place of peace.

Many of my children live in turmoil and stress all of the time. When it is time to make a decision, they think, “Do I have peace about this?”. Decision time is not a good time to try and find a position of peace. Rather, I have called my people to live from a default position of peace. That is where you should live all of the time. And then, when it is time for a decision, the question becomes, “Is my peace disturbed?”. That is the way to live! If your peace is disturbed, look at the action, at the choice, at the timing. Look for something that is not quite right. Choose the level path of peace and my gift to you will be a provision that brings no stress with it.

Growing may be challenging and stressful at times, but even during times of turmoil, there is a deep, abiding peace that overrides the challenges and stress. Peace can be sought and attained, but the best peace is a gift. Life with me is a gift life. Look to me for your peace and I will give it to you. Then rest, stand still, stand in peace, and watch as I bring the answer in due time. Trust in me with all your heart, rest in me, and you will have peace.

Do you truly live in peace? What area can you release to me for a deeper walk of peace?

Click to watch the video for the 14th Gift: Peace


An excerpt from "The Twenty Five Gifts of Christmas;

25 Daily Conversations with Jesus"

A daily devotional for December 1st through the 25th

These twenty five daily devotionals are written in first person from Jesus to you revealing twenty five gifts coming from His heart to your heart this Christmas season.

This devotional comes with a companion book: “Twelve Miracles of Christmas”. As a gift for becoming a Member of the Grace Becomes You community, we have included a download of the "Twelve Miracles of Christmas" book here. On December 25th, at the end of the series, we will make available to you all of the gifts in e-book form as well as the “Twelve Miracles of Christmas”.

The Christmas season is so busy with holiday activities on top of regular jobs, family and household duties. It is so easy for the real reason for the season to get lost in the frenzy. If your devotional life takes a dive during the holidays, fret not! Jesus has a personal word for you that will make this Christmas season spiritually vibrant.

These daily, three minute devotional readings are based on the events that took place in the lives of people around Jesus at the time of His conception and birth; Mary, Joseph, Zacharias and Elizabeth. Through these simple readings, new light springs forth from common words revealing powerful truths that will release the power of Jesus’ birth into your family, business, and your whole life all year long.

Never has one event had so much impact on the nature of man and the course of human events, from individual lives to whole of societal structures. Never has one event rewritten the lives and times of so many people on our planet. Are there personal truths just for you, hidden in these familiar passages, that could release the same earth shaking, life changing power of Jesus’ birth into your life? I believe the answer is a resounding "YES"!

Each of these twenty five personal messages reveals twenty five “gifts” Jesus is giving you. Each message is from a verse and the word that stood out to me as I prayed for you, which I have highlighted in bold. In just a few minutes a day for the next twenty five days, you can receive His gifts and release the power of Christmas to live a new, Holy Spirit powered life all year long.

Come now on a personal journey with just you and Jesus. Discover new intimacy with Him in these twenty five daily conversations leading up to Christmas. Each one is written in first person tense, as a personal message to you from Jesus. If seen with the eye of the heart, and acted upon, the twenty five gifts will release His power into your life.

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