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Cool Christians Cuss

I've always said, "Cool Christians Cuss". As people expect us to lead by example, I strive to continue to show them that I am just like everyone else. I am broken. I am damaged. I am in need of a Savior every moment of every day.

The difference is that I look to Christ to heal me. I look to Christ to make me whole. I look to Christ to change who I am at my very core. I don't look to fashion. I don't look to my husband. I don't look to food. And, I want people to know that words are words. Sometimes there is no other word that I can think of that better describes what I need to say than a good cuss word. And, most times, it is done in humor. Just because I am a "Christian" does not mean that I am not allowed to say these words. A couple of the disciples were some foul mouthed cursing sailors. But they also followed Christ with a fiery passion. It was where their hearts were that showed people the way to Christ.


Just as you can't just a book by it's cover, sometimes you can't judge it by it's choice of semantics either.


Back in the day when we owned a dance studio, we had one of the funniest cussing Christians that I had ever met as a student. We had just moved into our dance studio and were working out the kinks of a new space and growing the business. We came in one morning to a huge mess all over the dance floor. The A/C unit had given out the night before and sprung a leak into the drop ceiling. It soaked the ceiling tiles with water until they were too heavy to stay up, eventually dropping to the wood floor below. It was like wet toilet paper all over the wood dance floor. We had a new student lesson to start the day off. So, we cleaned it up and set fans out. About 30 minutes before the lesson time, this tall guy with light blonde hair walks in and leisurely strolls into the ballroom. We were standing in there looking up at the skeletal system in the ceiling where all the tiles had been hanging. He introduced himself and we quickly realized he was the new student. He was meeting his wife there and he was early. Great. He looked up and said, "Looks like you got yourself a shit mess." I said we did and lightheartedly explained what we came into that morning. He started looking around and surveying the damage in the ceiling. And then it began. A hysterical, almost under his breath - but not quite - monologue filled with about every curse word you can imagine. "Those stupid mother-fuckers didn't know what the fuck they were doing when they put this shit in. I hate assholes that just cram shit in and leave it to some other poor bastard to fix it." Chris, my husband, smiled and said, "Do you know anything about air conditioners?" The gentleman replied, "I sure do! It's what I do. I own an A/C company just down the street. I can have this fixed for you this afternoon." Ooooohhhhhh, this guy really did know what he was talking about. We walked back to the office to get him the building management office number. Upon arriving, he saw a framed poster that had the names of God listed. He stopped abruptly and asked, "Are you all Christians?" I said, "We sure are." He said, "Well, praise the Lord, so am I!" We laugh about the whole conversation to this day. He only charged us for the unit itself and we traded dance lessons for the labor. He ended up being a really great student and friend.

*This post is meant to help us reflect on our heart. In general, it is true that our actions and words follow what is in our hearts. But, it is meant to help us look at our words in reverse. Sometimes, our words just reveal how real and normal we are. The intention of this post is to help us not be judgmental of those that use cuss words. They are just words. Their use doesn't mean the loss of salvation. It could sometimes move people closer to it.

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