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Solo Podcast Episodes + Guest Interviews

There are so many encouraging words out there and we want you to hear them.  To do this, we produce our own podcasts plus connect you to other podcasts that speak truth into your life.  Subscribe to our podcast bulletin to get the latest podcast episodes right to your inbox.

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Episodes coming soon!

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Videos & Blog Continuations

We know that the everyone is buzzing around in the world with so much to do.  Sometimes you'd just rather watch a video than read while on the run.  Listed here are some video series that go along with blog posts as well as stand along videos made with longer content that in our blog.  Feel free to download to watch offline and be sure to share!

25 Gifts of Christmas

Series:  A daily devotional written in first person from Jesus to you revealing twenty five gifts coming from His heart to your heart during the Christmas season.

Author:  Samuel Bowman

25 Gifts  of Christmas Title Frame Pic.jpg

Click To View All Videos In The Series

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