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GBY loves providing resources for all your life circumstances.  We all are on a journey, some on the same but at different points.  Others on adventures with unexpected twists and turns.  Wherever you are, GBY wants to support you but without the fluff or clickbait that others try and attract you to, only to give you information you don't need and ads for items that don't relate at all.  That's not us.  GBY gives it to you straight.  We believe that you can handle the Truth.  Subscribe to our article vault to get the latest posts directly to your inbox.

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Resource disclaimer:  Motto 31 and all of it's divisions strive to ensure that all of the media and resources align with the Motto 31 foundational principals.  However, we are unable to set the opinions or beliefs of others.  Therefore, not all people, statements, beliefs, or principals shared by those other than the Motto 31 team are the opinions or beliefs of Motto 31 or any of it's divisions.  We absolutely encourage you to apply the resources we provide to your life in your own way, researching, and always searching for the Truth.

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