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About GBY


Grace Becomes You came about through the thought that everyone has scars, everyone has baggage, everyone has failures, everyone has made mistakes.  No one is too shameful, ugly, dirty, or blamed here.  GBY is a place for everyone to be supported and learn grace, not just for others, but themselves as well.  Through that Grace, the becoming Grace-filled, we will all lead more joy-filled lives.  Keep reading below to find out more.

"Becomes" is a word-play we used to describe two different things we wanted to convey.  The first is that "Becomes" is an action.  It is always something that is moving, developing, and evolving toward something else.  We also used it to convey the way Grace looks on someone; how it dignifies them and sets them apart.  The Grace we have for ourselves and others is something that is always growing, being challenged, and finding new ways to be.  Grace is also a cloak of dignity that can be worn.  It looks good on everyone that gives grace.  But to others that don't know what it is that they are seeing, they only know it by the glow it creates which is always attractive.  


verb (used without object)

be·comes [bih-kuhms], be·com·ing [bih-kuhm-ing]

   ~ to come, change, or grow to be (as specified):

       "He became tired."

   ~ to come into being.

verb (used with object)

be·comes [bih-kuhms], be·com·ing  [bih-kuhm-ing]

   ~ to be attractive on; befit in appearance; look well on:            "That gown becomes you."

   ~ to be suitable or necessary to the dignity, situation,              or responsibility of:

       "Conduct that becomes an officer."

Real Life, Real Times

Grace Becomes You, and all of the specialized areas, have one thing in common: every bit is about the real life that we are living.  It's never clean, totally together, fully organized, without work, or even easy.  Life is messy.  Life is ugly.  Life is hard and taxing.  However, the more in it we are together, the more we find that we are not alone in what we are feeling and experiencing,  the more Grace we show each other and ourselves, the more we will find that everything doesn't have to be perfect for us to experience all of the joys around us.  We explore hard issues, tough topics, cuss through some of the conversations, and even vent along the way.  But it all does one thing; it helps us become the best versions of ourselves that we can be so that we can help others be the best versions of themselves that they can be.  

Beautiful Landscape


Grace Becomes You, and all of the specialized areas, are solely funded by contributions and giving of our supporters.  Everything that is our content is free from our articles, posts, podcasts, and resources.  The only items that may cost money are books that we recommend and can be bought through our site.  However, we don't profit off those items.  To learn more about our funding, including how to be come a supporter or make a one-time donation,  Read More On Our "Support" Page . . . 

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