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Learning you aren't alone, your mistakes don't define you, grace for others and yourself not only is becoming, but you becoming more like Grace.

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About GBY


Grace Becomes You came about through the thought that everyone has scars, everyone has baggage, everyone has failures, everyone has made mistakes.  No one is too shameful, ugly, dirty, or blamed here.  GBY is a place for everyone to be supported and learn grace, not just for others, but themselves as well.  Through that Grace, the becoming Grace-filled, we will all lead more joy-filled lives.

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Something For Everyone

Grace Becomes You

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This is where you are right now.  GBY encourages you to be who you are, right here with us.  No matter your scars or traumas, you are beautiful, you aren't alone, your mistakes don't define you, grace for others and yourself not only is becoming, but you becoming more like Grace. 

Grace Becomes Her

Grace Becomes Him

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Women take care of so much throughout the day.  We get worn down, tired, and burned out.  We are here to give you resources for taking care of you.  We want you to know that there is hope, help, and grace.

GBH is specifically designed for men to grow together in grace.  It's not something thought about or taught about.  We are here to connect you to other men in the same stage of life.  No matter where you are, we've got your back.

Grace Becomes Us

Grace Becomes Kids

Grace Becomes Family

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Grace Becomes Us focuses on the most important relationships in our lives, our spouses.  No matter where you are in your relationship, grace connects you and builds each other up.  It's the one component that keeps you together.

Grace Becomes Grandparents

Quality Time

Grace Becomes Grandparents is a special place here.  In a generation where more grandparents are raising their grandkids, grandparents need more support, community, and resources.  GBG walks with Grandparents, no matter what the circumstance, to help be a support to both an older generation and a new one.

Giving grace to kids can sometimes feel like the hardest things to do, especially when you just found that entire hallway wall was used as an art palette.  How do you discipline with Grace?  How do use every moment as teachable moments to build a firm foundation for life?  

Grace Becomes Grief

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Grace Becomes Grief is a place of peace.  Grief takes many forms and is different for everyone.  We want to be there with you to just be.  If you want to talk, then we will always be available.  If you need someone to just sit with you, we're there, too.  But most importantly, GBG gives you hope for the future to begin to live again, even if you can't see that now.

GBF gives you resources to grow your family on a strong foundation, to include Grace.  How do you give grace to your children?  How do you give grace to your spouse as a parent?  We  give you all kinds of resources to come together as a family and live in joy.

Grace Becomes Community

Community Gardening

Grace Becomes Community is a space for us all to come together, share our stories, receive encouragement, laugh at our mistakes, flourish in our failures, celebrate our victories, and grow in Grace without fear of judgement or negativity from  others.  We are meant to help each other and this is where it happens.

Connect To Grace

Wherever you fit in, subscribe to the blog for resources, hope, and encouragement.  Whenever an article is posted on any of our different spaces, they will be posted here as well.  Find everything in one place or see only what applies to you and your interests.  

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New GBY Podcast Every Week ~ Guest Podcasts All The Time

Into podcasts?  We have you covered.  Not only do we post a new podcast every week, we also link to guest podcasts filled with refreshing, real-life content.  You won't get the fluff-filled, feel good stuff.  You will be able to listen to real people talk about real life and how they continue to learn and grow.  From polished to edgy, we always look for podcasts that are speaking truth.

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